A Year Ago This Month

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Nicky & Andy Film on Lakeland Set

We were there in November 2009 when the floods washed across Cumbria. Fortunately we weren’t filming exteriors but on set at the Lakeland house, which during that scary wet weather event of 09 lived up to its name: literally a house in the middle of a lake.

We’ve just come back from Kendal after another good week filming with Lakeland. It was pretty wet and wild in the Lake District this time too!

A puddle is something that we in the softer southern climes think of as a little bit of water collected in a dip by the side of the road; in Cumbria it is translated as a deep well of water sitting in the middle of hilly roads that can wipe out cars and trucks. The poor victims of these puddles can be found bedraggled and waiting for the AA in the numerous pubs in out of the way places (one reason, I think, there are so many pubs in the Lake District).

However, the people of the Lakes take it all stoically in their stride. Rain is something they are cursed and blessed with because it really is the loveliest, greenest gift of a region.

Inside the Lakeland house, we soldiered on with cookery gadgets and recipes, whilst the wind blew and the storms lashed.

Hard but rewarding work with a great team, and a pint of Blue Bird at the end of the day!