Our Bristol Animation Studio

At Mendip Media we understand the power of animation to help explain and clarify messaging especially in the training space.

From 2D or 3D, CAD or CGI, our in-house team of animators come up with imaginative, creative solutions to make entire self-contained narratives or to add an extra dimension to captured footage.

Whether you need a suite of training animations, the inner most workings of a product accurately depicted or a scene from a training drama realised, we have experience in all areas of animation

case study


Health & Safety
Animation Series

Brief: EDF NNB is creating thousands of jobs at Hinkley Point C in Somerset as it constructs the UK’s first new nuclear power station in a decade. Work will take place on a busy site over 600 acres. The project requires a varied range of skills from construction workers to cooks.

Security and safety is a part of life on a nuclear licenced site.

Given the international nature of the workforce, there is a requirement by managers to provide non-verbal, modern, easy to deliver communications about safety on site.

Solution: Mendip Media is implementing an ambitious health and safety animation series, working closely with the health and safety teams at HPC.

Bite-size safety briefings, showing poor practice and correct practice in all areas of general and more specialized construction, have been designed for a multilingual mass audience.

These modules use no text or commentary and are purely visual representations of safety messaging. The animations are simple, easy to understand and designed to replicate conditions at HPC.

ROI: With an initial series of 24 animations approximately 2-3 minutes in length, shown in mandatory presentations, site display screens and on line via intranet, these modules will be seen by over 5000 workers.

Anticipated cost saving on individual training and paper-based multi-language briefings is between £60-70K after production costs.