26 May 2017

Book a Professional Film Studio To Make the Difference

Photography and Studio Space for Hire

Professional Studio Space For Professional Videos

What can a film and photography studio space offer a professional photographer or video team?

The answer; space and light which are the two most important technical ingredients for creating really great content.

And yes, shoot locations do matter … a lot.

A diligent production manager will tell you that the things to consider when preparing a video or photography shoot are what creative team to use, where to film, how to get everything to location, is there parking and can stuff be stored there overnight if required.

In addition, if the product filming involves food, the location must have the right looking kitchen for presenting or demonstrating in and a space to prepare food and wash-up.

A dual kitchen space for preparing food and presenting in is non-negotiable for food demonstration videos; there’s nothing worse for a director under time pressure than having a home economist rushing into the studio to switch a fan-cooled oven off or the fridge suddenly kicking in as production goes for a take; it doesn’t make great video.

Booking a studio might seem like a luxury. But what are the alternatives? You’ve got to film or photograph somewhere.

Over the years Mendip Media has filmed in just about every type of location, especially when it comes to creating food product videos.

There have been very long days spent in a single kitchen trying to create great looking food and film it. We’ve been in cooking schools, rented two houses and seen the food stylist dashing down the road with food for set, hired mobile kitchens … the list goes on.

Now that we have our own spacious professional film studio, we wonder why we’ve spent so long filming product video elsewhere.

If you are interested in hiring out Mendip Media’s studio get in contact to make an appointment to view the space.

We welcome all professional photography, video producers and programme makers.