Brands Become Content Publishers

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With the proliferation of media channels, opportunity knocks for brands to shape their image as much through mediums that were previously off limits to most (except those with big budgets) as through the traditional methods of packaging and below-the-line promotion.

And for those who sense the future is about keeping the brand out there in the social media networks, they are already on their way to becoming publishers.

Where there’s a need to get information to a targeted audience to create maximum impact in a cost effective and efficient manner and there’s a demand for interesting, quirky, informative content, the only barrier to brands becoming their own content publishers is belief.

Video is the high end of content production and those that commission it need to see proof that it’s driving viewers to sale.

Measurement is still problematic for many, especially when they think about video. Given the fragmented nature of distribution, collecting metrics about the utility of video as a sales tool is not easy and analysing such data is especially tricky.

But the fact is that increasing numbers of potential brand consumers are watching their mobiles, tablets, laptops and Google glasses to find information. The audience is there, waiting to be led on a journey through the networks.

And contrary to what some marketers might tell you, this process; the linking of messages on and offline, across channels and platforms, is not a cheap option that drives down the marketing bill, but a sophisticated exploitation of the multiple opportunities that now exist to talk to and exchange with a content hungry public.

Bold ideas and commitment to a strategy will count for much in this new age.

As successful publishers from more settled times know, it will be the commissioning and marshalling of high quality material that underpins a triumphant era of brand content.