Bristol: Green, Open, Social?

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On Monday we went to the Watershed for the Green, Open, Social event organised by Connecting Bristol. We had a bit of a vested interest in it since Mendip Media were commissioned to make the video case studies – for example, Ana Kronschnabl from FluffyLogic:


But the important thing for all forward-thinking Bristol companies is to open up the debate in this area. Those of us who live and work in Bristol celebrate its unorthodox status. We like to think it’s a trail blazer – it certainly has the potential in the area of ICT.

The city is home to businesses, public bodies and community groups who are leading the way in open source and energy efficient uses of technology. Crucially, they are exploiting the power of social media to engage the city’s communities in greener, smarter, more collaborative and open ways of achieving success. We absolutely champion this progress as we believe it is the key to conducting  business sustainably in the future.

Check out the webcast of the event for yourself: