Can Big Brands Afford to Be Without Good Video Content?

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It’s the conundrum of the past two years; online video content continues to storm the barricades with growing numbers of people watching clips like recipe videos and product demos, on laptops, tablets and mobiles, whilst marketers sit on their hands waiting for yet more data to justify the spend on making videos that shout out about their brands.

Creatives Are Ready to Go

Creatives Are Ready to Go

The problem seems to be that online video is remains difficult for those behind the walls of traditional marketing. There’s still an evident fixation on TV advertising as the main vehicle for creative digital video.

For those who still consider online video a new medium within their overall marketing strategy, it’s got to be said that out there what was once a quirky add-on is now main stream for digital consumers.

To be fair online video isn’t straight forward to contextualise and place within the multiple channels that exist on the Internet.

It needs a home.

Home for Millions of Videos

Home for Millions of Videos

Whilst You Tube has proved a good hosting service for some types of video content that can then be embedded in other places like websites and social media networks, sometimes it’s not always appropriate; like any other form of content video has to be placed in the right spot according to the job it’s doing for a brand.

Add the convergence of broadcast and online to the mix and the marketing waters are further muddied.

But this is where we are.

Just because it’s harder to forge a campaign using video, including the commissioning process, which shouldn’t be difficult but often is because it is farmed out to design agencies rather than directly to specialist production houses, can marketers afford to ignore it?