Cats Are Web Meme Luvvies

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Cats Are Web Meme Luvvies1

Can’t Disagree; Cats Are Cute

If we are to believe Wikipedia, cats have been trending in earnest on the Internet since 2005 gaining the fabled meme status shortly afterwards.

But cats were doing big business well before that; I remember when they took over the world.

Garfield grabbed Snoopy by his long ears in 1978, chucking him into the metaphorical garbage bin of historical cartoon has-beens along with Muttley and Scooby. Only Gromit has had the celebrity chutzpah to reclaim’ cool’ for dog characters.

Gromit Takes on Lolcats

Gromit Takes on Lolcats

There’s a great family tree that shows how cat madness has spread across the Internet giving way to all sorts of morphing and silliness that seems to appeal to a global audience

So what are we to learn from a cat trend that seems to be gathering pace rather than fading away?

That our love affair with these often grumpy, self-reliant, deified animals is as strong now as it was 20 centuries ago.

And that by their nature, less expressive and less busy than dogs, cleverer than the rodents, fish and birds they prey on, cats are the perfect material for a communal playfulness that enjoys taking the mickey out of a perceived feline aloofness.

Long may it continue!