Celebrate Good Times

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A decade ago today Mendip Media was born.

At exactly the same time half way around the globe, a 20 second video was being filmed in San Diego that would have profound implication on my decision to quit the BBC as a staff programme director.

As I remember it was a joyous, rose-tinted spectacle occasion when I walked out of the BBC building with a year’s worth of voluntary redundancy and a whole bunch of plans.

What did I know about business, the agency world, non-TV video content? Not a lot.

But I did know that video on the web was on the rise.

And coincidentally the little video made in a zoo in the USA and posted on a new website called You Tube changed the world.

Mendip Media was a little ahead of the curve in late 2005, but as the wave in video distribution built and swept all around it away, the new landscape for creating, displaying and publishing video truly changed forever.

So far it’s been a privilege to be part of the internet revolution.

Here’s to another 10 years in the business.