2D Animation

2D animation is as varied and versatile as the imagination.

It focuses on creating characters, storyboards, and backgrounds in two-dimensional environments. Often thought of as traditional animation, the figures can move up and down, left, and right. They do not appear to move toward or away from the viewer, as they would in 3D animation.

Creating original animation for clients is part and parcel of creating great visual content.

We produce discreet 2D animations, for online social media or presentation, with storyboards, animatics, music and voiceover, or working closely with an editor, use 2D inserts into video footage.

2D animation is highly effective when it is used to illustrate complex ideas.

“We really enjoyed working with you and appreciate the great work you did in such a tight timescale. The final animation and images add a fab other dimension to the exhibition. I will definitely let you know of further collaborations in the future.”

- Sarah Cox, Exhibitions and Programme Officer South West Heritage Trust

Graphic Overlays

Graphic animation fulfils viewers’ expectations whether it is text, lines or transitions. It signals high quality, engaging content.

Dynamic text animation, in particular, is a great way to integrate additional information into a short piece of video content.

For a relatively small outlay, animated graphics give a professional edge to bespoke video and help to retain viewer attention.

“Thanks for getting the animation to where it is at present. After looking at it with Gary, we are delighted at the style and pace of the piece.”

- Jon Gallop, Director, Nugget Education


3D is the animation of objects so that they appear in a three-dimensional space. It is at the heart of gaming and virtual reality, but is used in presentation graphics to add visual flair.

In many videos, 3D modelling can bring a space alive for the viewer, whether it is a map, the internal workings of a machine or the projection of a finished structure.

At Mendip Media we produce CAD and CGI inserts as well as visual stings and idents for brand promotion.

3D is sometimes the only way to really show and tell so attention to detail and high production value are crucial.

“... the training videos we commissioned from Mendip Media have been a huge success in educating our nuclear supply chain in the consequences of poor culture & behaviour in the nuclear industry. These video training dramas certainly engage our audience, especially the use of CGI to show the inside of a nuclear reactor room as disaster strikes. They are constantly in use & highly valued.”

- Bob Duarte, Policy, Standards and Culture Manager EDF Energy