Does Video Sell Ecommerce Products?

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As James Dyson will tell you being at the vanguard of any new technology is not easy. The rewards may be great and the general acceptance sudden, but it takes time, belief and an accrual of evidence until what seemed unlikely is commonplace.

And when it happens the world has changed a little without us even realising.

We’ve been making online video at Mendip Media since the inception of You Tube. Those far off days, not so long ago, when downloading Internet video meant time to put the kettle on and wash the car.

Everything has changed within half a decade. There are billions of videos knocking around the web.

But do videos actually sell stuff? The evidence is mounting that they do.

But please, it’s not the video alone that sells goods and services; its the context that they are watched in.

Context is everything and siting a well-made, targeted video well, is the real art.