Facebook combines message, chat and email

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Facebook has finally unveiled its aggregated messaging application, including the new Facebook emails, on its browser and iPhone versions.

Until now, messaging has been somewhat sloppy, with internal messages accessible only in a certain way, unattractive to read and reply to and buggy to delete. Oh, and, of course, why would you bother Facebook messaging someone unless you didn’t actually know their email address?

We’ve always said that if you combined Facebook and Google search, docs and mail, then the first step would be taken down the road where you wouldn’t need a desktop at all and everything would be available in the cloud.

Facebook’s smartest move for 2011 could just be offering the new @facebook.com email address, which has also been launched (the prefix is your username) – this really ties the ‘all your messages in one place’ idea together, since it’s feasible that someone new to the Internet and new to Facebook could rely solely on the social media platform for the a-z of his or her electronic communications.

With email comes grave responsibility – Facebook have invested large sums in anti-Spam technology because it only takes one spammer to get through consistently, or one genuine email never to arrive, before users start to consider other, more tried and tested, options.

The new messages are in the form of threads, which looks a bit messy applied to what has gone before, but which will be a serious draw for those whose mobile ‘phones do just that already with texts.

We’ll just have to wait and see how many people start using the @facebook.com email address in preference to Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail…