Filming on the Triangle, Clifton

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Did you see us filming on the Triangle in Clifton, Bristol today? About an hour ago we were shooting HD footage of the crowds that congregate at lunchtime around the bars and restaurants. And, despite earlier rain, it’s a good day to film – the sun is out and the city is looking ‘green, social and open’.

The reason I mention ‘green, social and open’ is that Connecting Bristol‘s event of the same name at the Watershed on Monday 22nd March is almost upon us and is the reason been out and about filming in the city – literally connecting Bristol in a thousand video clips.

Andy and I have walked the streets, canal paths, bridges, footpaths and byways of the city gathering shots to use over the inserts that will play a major role in this experimental, creative presentation about the city’s more recent heritage.

Luckily we’ve had the weather on our side and have gathered thousands of great shots of Bristol waking up in the Spring.