How to change HootSuite themes

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We love the themes in HootSuite. Too often, theming gives you ‘original’ flavour, one other well-thought out design and a host of options with colour changes that don’t look pleasant at all – high contrast blacks, yellows and oranges that are hard to read or just awkward to look at; the result, most people stick with the one they’re used to.

HootSuite must have known this when they planned their themes – there are just three, and all are tasteful.

We choose ‘Blue Steel’.

The social media aggregator has made a number of improvements to its platform recently – with a desktop interface (it was previously web only) and now iPhone and Android apps to match.

To change the them in your HootSuite desktop application, click on the owl (top left corner). Roll your mouse over ‘Settings’ to reveal a secondary drop-down menu, called ‘Themes’. The current theme is highlighted.