13 Mar 2019

Maximise Video Budgets with Discounted Production

Can product video keep up with large retailers’ ever-changing ecommerce stock inventories?

It is hard enough to write up product descriptions and get photos taken. Let alone create a video for each new product. Especially when the product range is very large.

But almost 50% of internet users look at product videos before visiting an online store. Retailers can’t ignore the role product video plays in the sales journey.


As ecommerce retailers know, the cost of stocking the online space is real. It might not be a bricks-and-mortar thing. But getting products into a large internet shop window is time consuming and costly.

It will also cost to keep your website updated with as much product information as possible. Particularly  if your operation is large.

Many companies choose to run their own in-house photography and video studios. But the cost benefits versus results are not always as rosy as they first seem.

A well-kept studio is a necessity for producing consistent product photography and video. Maintaining fast-evolving camera technologies, editing software and lighting takes budget. And a motivated creative team needs management time.

…And how to cut them

Looking for ways to outsource product content and keep costs on track? Then you should be aiming for hefty discounts on photography and video production.

Specialist studios are set up for creating many different visual outputs. There are great savings to be had in using an external studio. As well as reduced production stress for your business.

And those stresses count. When you are adding new products to the shop, each one needs managing into place. Product video needs to be accurate and ready to go. A good outsourced provider will ensure products look great on camera and cover all USPs.

Outsource for survival

From signing in and storing products to bespoke product video and photography. Outsourced visual content makes money go a long way.

It could be a run of 5 videos. Or 2000 photos all produced to supervised deadlines with quality thresholds guaranteed. Online retailers should consider sub-contracting production to help balance budgets.

Competition in the online space continues to ratchet up. Ecommerce innovators will continue to pull away from their rivals. The differentiator will be great product stories supported by strong visual content.

Video production specialists will support retailers who want to stand out. Be ambitious for your product story. Add value to customers’ experience with your brand.

By Nicky Robertson, Director