New website and brand identity… soon.

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It has seemed like a busman’s holiday, but literally since last summer, we’ve been working on and off on our own brand identity and website.

For a company that shows others to do this sort of thing, you’d think it would have been top of our list, but we have been genuinely busy with other things. Which must be good.

However, the time has come to unveil all of our hard work. The new brand identity exudes modernity and efficiency, while reflecting our passion for innovation and technical wizardry – and all the while not forgetting our roots in the garden of the South West. The website features downloadable self-help guides and a ground-breaking video carousel.

The final products are almost ready to unveil, and to celebrate, here are some statistics from the development process:

Number of articles written: 85

Number of concepts viewed: 17

Longest email sent: 2,347 words

Number of logo options considered: 37

Shortest project meeting: 8 minutes

Number of business cards printed: 5,000

Length of video footage edited: 11 months, 6 days, 2 hours and 40 minutes

Number of mini-muffins eaten: 204