New website – goes live

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After months of development and discussion, is finally live.

The flagship website of our Conservative projects, has been developed from scratch to suit the exact requirements of Conservative candidates, MPs, MEPs, councillors and associations.

There’s plenty more about the project on our website, but here are some of the highlights:

– Strength on Google – when a news article is added, it is searchable almost instantly

– Ease of use – with a bespoke CMS that anyone can get along with

– Instant syndication, to Twitter and Facebook, and integration with YouTube and Flickr

– An interactive map that allows voters to follow the activities of their MP or candidate in their constituency

– Full compatibility with Conservative Party branding guidelines

– Flexibility to add or suppress modules and blocks as required

– It’s W3C compliant, AAA accessible and even works on an iPhone

I hope that Mark is pleased… he certainly looks it…