Paralympic Magic

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I can’t take much more of my early morning hit of Paralympic sporting excellence.

Watching the guys and girls in action on the track, in the pool, on the court, while I slog away on a running machine at a not very fast speed for not very long, humbles me. They are incredible.

To be honest I never gave the Paralympics much thought before. I thought it was political correctness taken to a higher level. Not any more; no siree!

The athletes to a man and woman are unbelievable, not because they have overcome difficulties we can’t imagine but because they are quite superb at their chosen sport.

I was a cynic about the Olympics proper, which to my mind is a giant propaganda machine that sells burgers on the side (although Mo Farah did sneak through my cynic barrier on so-called Super Saturday), but I am stunned by the Paralympics.

And watching David Weir take gold in the 5000m T54; a race more interesting than the standard running & track cycling combined, was spellbinding. My guess is this champion would beat able-bodied competitors in the same discipline.

To them all, as the old Athenian shout goes, “we salute you!”