Proof in the Pudding

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One of Many Ecommerce Videos for Lakeland

If video is an online marketing tool, the measure of its success is reliable analytics especially in conversion to sale.

We’ve been lucky enough to have clients who keep on top of measurement by actively setting up their own customer surveys.

One of our clients, Lakeland, who we’ve worked with for the past three years, and whose large and ever changing product inventory is sold through both retail outlets and ecommerce, has generously shared its latest stats on the video we produce for them. 

When we started with the company in 2008, it had a handful of videos on its website whereas now it has over 600. And in a survey of 8000 of its customers, detailed feedback about how the video has improved sales has helped to bolster the case for increased production. 

The findings were as follows 

Just under a quarter of those surveyed (24%) said they had viewed at least one online video. 

Of those that had viewed, almost all (96%) rated them informative and useful. 

40% said they had bought something directly as a result of the video presentation. 

So that means nearly all the viewers thought the videos were useful, and nearly 10 per cent of the whole sample converted to sale as a result of watching the product demos. 

Needless to say, as producer of Lakeland’s ecommerce videos, we’re pretty pleased with the results!