Skoda Fabia vRS – made of meaner stuff advert

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We love this new commercial for the Skoda Fabia vRS, which says the car is ‘made of meaner stuff’.

Launched with TV spots and a social media campaign this lunchtime, Skoda are looking to turn the ‘made of lovely stuff’ campaign on its head. The original ad featured a Skoda car being created by bakers and one of the characters from that ad even appears in this sequel.

The social media element will allow Facebook followers to vote on whether or not friends are ‘mean’ or ‘lovely’. Participation enters Facebook users into a draw to win a Fabia or a Fabia vRS.

This multi-million pound campaign is designed to reach a new audience – the younger car-buying demographic, who’d be more interested in a hot hatch than an estate.


…and here’s the original (with Julie Andrews singing), for comparison…