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Feeding the Beast

Feeding the Beast

2016 has started well and that’s because I’ve found a like-minded soul in Jake LeVoir from US video producers Slate & Main. His blog post predicting a change in how clients commission marketing video echoes my sentiments exactly.

Mendip Media was founded as an online video comms agency and has always advocated multiple video production for clients, not because it makes more money for the video producer, but because, on the contrary, to produce more videos of the same quality as a single blockbuster for the same price is not only possible but positively liberating.

It produces a different relationship with the client; one that evolves into genuine partnership and understanding of their business.

Video has come in from the cold. Its centrality to marketing strategy reflects the seismic changes in the expansion of distribution networks for video content. These same networks are also changing the content production model that was once employed to supply the exclusivity of TV distribution.

Back in the day, because TV spots were limited and expensive, so the theory went, the advert that filled the 30’ slot had to be memorable and therefore costly. Given the amount of money and creative energy channelled into TV advertising in the days before the internet, it’s not surprising advertising gold like the Smash Martians or the sound of the Hamlet cigar are still fondly remembered.

But now video is ubiquitous. Viewers expect to see it on websites and social media. Unlike the TV audiences of old, they won’t tolerate the same content over and over. Whilst the need for quality and creativity remains, the trick to get wider reach is to keep feeding the beast with fresh stand-out video content.