Why Studio Filming is Worth the Cost

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Not to get too technical, but it’s worth noting that filming in a studio (or something equivalent) is an absolute requirement for some content production.

Whilst a lot of video can be sited out and about on location, a lot can’t. This is the same for TV, video and photography.

Most high-quality product filming needs a professionally lit, spacious place to set up shop and create the right look for the gadget or recipe or apparel being shot. Producers and photographers know this. Clients might be less likely to understand the need to hire a space specifically for filming or photography.

Most photographers use their own domestic studio spaces for work, but when it comes to larger shoots with a lot of product or video production these locations don’t cut it.

A video studio in particular needs stellar audio conditions and must be large enough to create ‘sets’ with room to manoeuvre camera equipment around the edges. A studio will only ever be trumped as a video location by hiring a spacious, smartly furnished house; usually a costly and less flexible option.

It is because sound, light and space can be controlled in a studio environment that it is the ideal option for product filming.

And, if like Mendip Media Studios, the space has a professional kitchen bang next door, the location becomes a very unique proposition indeed. It is rare to find a filming environment specifically geared to producing food videos.

From our experience a video production company either needs to hire a house with two kitchens; one to prepare food in and one with a cracking set to demonstrate in OR hire two houses for their kitchens.

For years Mendip Media rented two adjacent houses to film its food product video. This was an expensive option for the client. With a studio to film in, we now offer flexible dates rather than being tied to the consecutive days that hire of houses entails and product, prop and equipment storage.

All in all, studio rental for product filming and photography is the best option for professionals who are offering the very best visual services for their clients.

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