Tell #Barbie it’s over – Greenpeace animation for action

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We’re impressed by this new campaign, launched by Greenpeace yesterday. It features an animated interview with Ken (of Barbie and Ken fame), as he learns that Barbie comes in packaging made from Indonesian rainforest. Branded in Barbie and Ken’s favourite colours and on a new subdomain of the main site, the premise is to lobby Mattel‘s CEO via email.

The viral element is key and social sharing is hinted at, including via Twitter (The Twitter account @GreenpeaceUK is a headshot of animated Ken), Facebook (The avatar appears again on the Greenpeace UK page and there’s a new ‘Ken’ landing page) and ’email a friend’.

Twitter users are also taking it upon themselves to mention the official Mattel account (@Mattel_Inc).

There’s a very serious message behind the campaign, since Mattel uses pulp companies in Indonesia whose activities directly threaten critically endangered species, such as the Orang-utan, Sumatran tiger and Sumatran elephants, and Greenpeace’s daring marketing strategy is a masterstroke in engagement.

There’s much, much more here: Ken campaign – Stop Mattel destroying rainforests for toy packaging