The Importance of Creative in Video Planning

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Plan To Be Creative

Plan To Be Creative

As mass online video campaigns resort to programmatic there’s a fear that a data driven approach to delivery and tracking is squeezing the very life blood of the content to prove ROI to the advertisers.

It’s a turn off for those of us who are expected to react favourably to soulless videos popping up in our feeds, even if they are on subjects of potential interest.

The point of a video advert is to demonstrate & show in a creative few seconds the wow factor of a product.

This requires skill and experience.

Several images stitched together will never grab a viewer and less engage with them.

Concepts, high production values and being involved from the outset in the campaign planning, will give a brand video a higher chance of success in front of consumers.

And there’s every chance that the pendulum is swinging in the right direction.

As many consumers choose to block ads because they are tired of bad advertising and can now vote with their feet, brands must strive to deliver campaigns that engage and entertain whilst working in an era of programmatic delivery for mass video.