These Boots Are Made For Walking

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Ecommerce video demonstrations are popular with the owners of serious ecommerce sites for the simple reason they work. The analytics on conversion to sale, comparing products with web video to those without, show starkly that those with video demos are way out in front in terms of increasing sales.

But the relationship between content on an ecommerce web page – photos, copy, graphics and video is complex.

The video is part of an environment that is being constructed by the page to give the customer as much information as possible. Some people talk about it mimicking the retail environment of a shop, and it’s true video can give some of the texture, real life experience of a 3D environment, but there’s more going on here.

Duo Boots latest ecommerce videos are in some ways more detailed, more expressive and more sexy than real life … whilst showing the great fit of the boots (which is their USP), they also verify and increase trust in the brand.

It’s a no brainer that well conceived, simple ecommerce video demonstrations add value to the customer experience, and as the analytics show convert from page to sale.