Top Ten Food Videos

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Lurpak Kitchen Odyssey is My Winning Food Video

My Winning Food Video – Lurpak Kitchen Odyssey

We think a lot about food and how to present in video formats for our clients so that it looks great.

Fortunately there’s inspiration everywhere.

And we don’t just go to the web for great food filming … but seek it in paintings (have you ever really studied at a Dutch still-life; there are some fantastic examples in the National Gallery), film (any Peter Greenaway film overflows with food compositions), packaging, billboards, restaurant menus … it’s everywhere.

Here are Mendip Media’s Top Ten food picks from TV, cinema & the web ….

10. Drop Scale –  a great snappy, contemporary kitchen product video

9. Nigella Lawson – anything with Nigella lingering over a buttery pudding is mesmerising for half the population. The other half loves the food videography.

8. Chocolat – how can anyone resist; the chocolate’s lush too!

7. M&S ‘This is not just …’ – M&S might be embarrassed by it now; is that why it’s disappeared from You Tube? This is a classic that spawned hundreds of copycats and spoofs.

6. Draughtsman’s Contract – just for the pineapples

5. Schwartz ‘The Sound of Taste’ – conceptually mind blowing

4. Oxo ‘Magic Cube’ – outstanding use of stop-motion by PES that turns an OXO cube into something totally unique

3. M&S ‘Adventures in Imagination’ – one in a series of quite brilliant food photography, animation and composition.

2. Babette’s Feast – the ultimate foodie film

1. Lurpak ‘Kitchen Odyssey’ – it’s simply dazzling

What are your favourite filmed food moments?