Video in Production

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When a video company says “video is in production” it focuses with laser-like precision on the dilemma of whether a specialist business like Mendip Media is a service or product provider.

Our business seems to fall between the cracks; we’re a marketing company with all the associated skills around service provision that clients require, but at the end of the day we make a very specific product.

And whilst video is a creative process, it is a process with manufacturing corollaries – it requires a scheduled timeline, raw material (footage), product types (formats), processing equipment (servers, software, hardware), production specialists (editors, graphics producers, technicians). And at the end of the line, there’s a physical product in the form of a video file or DVD copy.

So whilst there’s alchemy in the way that footage, music and editing techniques are blended, there is little magic in the logical progression of a process that has to be managed through all its stages