Video is Now Central to Brand Marketing Strategy

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Video At the Heart of Brand Marketing

Video At the Heart of Brand Marketing

It’s official; advertisers are spending more, a lot more, on video in the digital space.

The IAB’s 2015 Ad Spend Report shows that video is not only at the heart of brand marketing strategies but leading them.

When Mendip Media launched 10 years ago specifically to create video communications for the internet, people shook their heads and wondered.

In those days, video codecs were the stuff of science fiction and broadband was just taking over from dial-up.

What a long way we’ve come in a just a decade!

And Mendip Media has been there every step of the way.

Video has been edging up the content spend league for the past couple of years, but now it’s exploding. This is partly to do with the huge appetite for video on mobile, but also to due to innovations in advertising delivery platforms and a growing understanding of how it works in the digital space.

But despite the stats, our experience is that most marketing teams are still wary of video as a content tool.

There seem to be several reasons for this;

  • Video is seen as complex and time-consuming content to create for a company’s in-house marketers.
  • It is always perceived as costly when compared to other marketing content
  • It is disruptive because it doesn’t necessarily fit with traditional marketing methods
  • It requires extra input which means it’s easier to hand over to lead agencies that have no specific expertise, which can make for expensive but ineffective video
  • Failure to strategise video into the overall marketing leads to video being pro
  • duced with no-where to put it

All the above may be valid if video is not properly planned and budgeted for, but most video production companies offer solutions that make strategizing, commissioning and distributing video much easier than anticipated.

Mendip Media has long been specialising in multiple video communications across organisations – advising, planning, creating and seeding video.

This is about strategy, cost effective use of budgets, smart production of complex content and ultimately visibility in social channels.

And here’s the thing; as the IAB report shows, if you want to get your brand seen in the digital space you have to produce great video.