26 Feb 2019
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Video: Value Versus Cost

How does video add value to your business offer?

Video – like other marketing assets – requires robust ROI measurement. And one of the metrics, alongside video’s impact on sales, must be its influence on a brand’s image.

Videos tend to last a little longer in the social media channels than similar media. With the right deployment, they can amplify a brand beyond the reach of other campaign assets.

Influencers or influence

Influencer videos are the current flavour of the day attracting huge global audiences. They’re also a well-oiled and obvious mechanism for product endorsement. But such blatant advertising masquerading as behind-the-scenes celebrity fun is now under scrutiny. Social media platforms or regulators may well rein it in in future.

The considered option is the video advert. An amalgam of image, audio, animation and design, well-made, story-led video. Distinct from the in-your-face vlogging that’s occupying an already congested space.

These are the videos that have a subliminal influence on a viewer’s senses. They’re designed to complement and work with an organisation’s marketing. And above all to appear many times across different channels. They are there to impress, to enhance and to give longevity to a brand proposition.

The power of narrative

Video advertising is promotional video, and it comes in many forms. From overhead stop-motion, to multiple location shoots and how-to-demonstrations. But it is characterised by an underlying narrative logic.

It’s the story that engages the viewer on a deeper level. And understanding how to construct video narratives will distinguish engaging content from online chatter.

The value in video

Value is what the buyer perceives the thing they buy to be worth. One video might prompt hundreds of viewers to believe in a brand’s proposition. If so, the video has done its job.

The cost is calculable within reason. But if the video doesn’t engage because it is under invested then there is no value in it. And no gain for the buyer.

Are you thinking about using video in your marketing mix? If so, it’s important to consider its potential value when weighing up costs. Don’t commission videos without analysing their value versus up-front investment.

Videos commissioned without thought are likely to under-achieve. They will fail to deliver the desired outcome or value.

By Nicky Robertson, Director