Video Production in Bristol

Video is effective and cost-efficient in many settings including learning and education, training, product demonstration, provenance and stakeholder involvement.

Because it is the most complex of communications content to create, it requires some specific skills to realise successfully.

With its emphasis on preparation, understanding and process, Mendip Media enables all sizes of businesses to work with creative storytellers to make highly targeted video in multiple versions across multiple modules or products.

case study

Somerset Larder

Food & Drink

Brief: Somerset Larder (as part of the South West Larder group) is a one-stop, business-to-business, catering service covering meal preparation and large-scale cafeteria operations. Its unique selling point is its use of local ingredients supplied by county-wide producers. Launching a new website and social media channels, it was looking for platform specific marketing assets that would hit the messaging at the heart of the brand strategy

Solution: Mendip Media planned and created a visual provenance library,  including video and photography, to ‘show and tell’ potential clients why Somerset Larder’s catering is a cut above its competitors.

Producing a video for presentations, website, You Tube, LinkedIn and FB, with cutdown versions for Twitter and Instagram, has given Somerset Larder an authentic visualisation of its ingredient sourcing and food preparation, strongly emphasing freshness, localness and quality.

ROI: Within a year of Somerset Larder launching its website and visual communications strategy, and after restructuring as South West Larder, the company has increased its profit threefold and is currently valued at over £2m.

With video and photography used to promote its ethos, the Larder catering group is expanding its local investment to new regions including Dragon Larder in Wales and Anglian Larder in the South East.

Mendip Media understands how to transform and add value to a brief to produce outstanding video and photography for marketing, and to keep on top of the detail as the project progresses. Highly recommended

Tony Evans

Bristol International College

Mendip Media is simply a joy to work with, navigating corporate communications easily and producing creative, visionary video that gets the messaging spot on”

Lidia Bosa

Women in Nuclear

Mendip Media has been Lakeland’s preferred supplier of video content … becoming a trusted business partner, working with Lakeland to create high quality, engaging content that is commercially effective. Mendip Media is highly professional, resourceful and a pleasure to work with

Tony Preedy




Mendip Media

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Contacts approached & film dates scheduled

Film crew dispatched

Post production started

Version 1 (V1) edit uploaded

Client team view and amend

Amendments made and Version 2 (V2) edit uploaded

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Professional voiceover recorded & laid back

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