What is social media?

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A lot of people are still asking me what social media actually is.

So here’s an extract from our online resource – ‘What is social media?‘, available on our website:

Social media is a series of tools that allow you to engage with communities online.

It revolves around large networks of people, who are connected by the things they have in common. They belong to special interest groups, which they have formed themselves. Social media platforms are good places to discuss work, locations, hobbies and current affairs.

You can connect and interact with Mendip Media through our own social media platforms, which provide you with our news, information about projects, resources and tutorials. We also work with various companies, charities and government organisations on their social media strategy, so we help them to use these platforms in the same way.

There’s more about Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, blogging and social bookmarking on our website.