What’s China Gonna Do With This Tune?

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The Chinese government has released a promotional video aimed squarely at the west about its official plans for the next 5 years.

The colourful animated Hondaesque re-working of the Brady Bunch, shows hippy westerners in their camper van singing about the central committee’s plan for the country whilst navigating a psychedelic landscape people by Xi Jinping, happy one child Chinese families, or is that now two, and bizarrely Einstein.

Does this little gem says more about the Communist Party’s view of johnny foreigner than the shisanwu? The invention of a Scooby Doo band which appears to hail from the US of A cheerfully belting out a ditty with a chirpy chorus on a subject that is actually deadly serious for the rest of the world is surreal.

And after all that: having watched the shenanigans of a journey through a demented dreamscape listening to a painfully upbeat soundtrack, we are left none the wiser about the ‘plan’ itself, what are we to make of it all?

Interesting though that video is used to launch a propaganda piece that turns the driest, scariest dictates of the ruling elite into a jolly animated romp, and equally that it when it was published yesterday by the Chinese state news agency Xinhua on You Tube it was quickly picked up and aired by many UK news channels.