Why Food Filming Demands the Best

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Lakeland Recipe Video
Lakeland Recipe Video

Close to our hearts and stomachs, food in all its glory should be given the best possible treatment in video especially if we want people to buy into a particular message.

Increasingly, brands are using online recipe videos to sell their stuff.

From stock cubes to SPAM there are demonstrations of what can be done with a food product in front of camera, but often the budgets for this kind of work don’t match brand aspiration and the result is something better left in the fridge.



TV is an obvious benchmark for recipe videos, but unless a brand is willing to push the boat out and spend freely, the results for online demonstrations will never be of the same calibre.

This said the quality of online recipe videos can get close to their well-funded cousins in broadcast. Food PR specialist Pam Lloyd produces some fantastic video for its client Sweet Eve Strawberries.

Food is a great subject for video. It elicits emotion and engages on visceral level, but poorly conceived, badly shot and under prepared recipe demonstrations are more detrimental to a brand than convincing. And it’s not easy to get it right.

It takes planning and experience to make food look great either in photography or video.