Why Video is The Most Compelling Content

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Goes without saying that like any content, video that grabs the viewer has to be well made, targeted and in context, but beyond that unless one stumbles across a work of genius, say Nick Ut’s harrowing photograph of a naked child running from a napalm attack that captures the essence of the Vietnam War, video in and of itself is the most instantly engaging art form of the age.

This is because video can package complex messages into bite sized pieces delivered by a combination of elements – story, pictures, music, commentary – with a genre vocabulary completely understood by a global audience.


And the wonder is that nowadays, video’s power can be harnessed by just about anyone. Gone are the days when it was the preserve of those with the machinery and the know-how; a kid with a mobile phone can record moving pictures.

Like photography it can bypass language, like language it can tell a story.

It’s the ability to tell a story using the complex elements of video that distinguishes creative practitioners from the rest. This, allied to a technical understanding of how to get the best out  of a camera, sound equipment, editing software, is what produces films, TV dramas and adverts.

So why wouldn’t a business use video to tell its story? Research earlier this year shows that whilst video was recognised by over half the sample of marketers approached as having the best ROI, it “ was the content type the highest percentage of marketers (49.8%) described as ‘difficult to create.’”

It’s a disappointing fact that some agencies are letting the side down by making video production difficult for their clients, but if business can get beyond this by finding the right video partner it will discover how powerful video can be in engaging with customers.