Today’s communication channels demand outstanding, targeted visual solutions to engage and educate.

Increasingly promotional campaigns and learning content necessitate a granular approach to creating effective online visual communications.

From multiple outputs of the same video edited for different social media platforms to a selection of different text overlays. From dozens of formatted product videos and photographs created in the same filming period to subtitling in several languages.

Whatever your video, animation or photography requirements we can help.

selected case studies

Green Energy

EDF Nuclear

EDF is investing in the construction of the first nuclear power station to be built in the UK for a decade. The £24bn project is a giant enterprise combining construction, tunnelling, security, engineering and training. Once operational, Hinkley Point C will produce 7% of the UK’s electricity and will contribute to the country’s carbon net zero targets.

Nuclear is part of a green future. As contracted visual communications supplier to EDF NNB, Mendip Media has been heavily involved in designing and producing training, induction and stakeholder videos for the nuclear new build at Hinkley Point C, including time lapse, aerial and animation visual production.

We have been working in all parts of nuclear civils since 2008, especially nuclear generation and decommissioning, in particular developing visual communications that promote a young, diverse, supply chain.

Our in-house team is inducted, trained and badged for nuclear construction.

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Bristol International College

Bristol International College offers foreign students an academic pathway to Russell Group Universities in the UK. This is a global education collaboration founded on the principle of qualification and selection.

Commissioned to produce a visual communication style for Bristol International College, Mendip Media has created promotional video and photography design for the College launch, and is supporting it with an ongoing, fully interactive, online, learning offer.

Mendip Media has long experience of producing visual content for the education sector.

In particular, we convert paper-based training courses into video or animated learning content.

Our track record in creating learning media ranges from group inductions, trade skills courses, online teacher training, health and safety messaging to more general demonstration videos and non-verbal animation for multilingual workforce training.

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REID Lifting

REID Lifting is a specialist manufacturer of portable lifting and access systems designed to help in industrial settings.

As part of an intensive international sales campaign, Mendip Media worked closely with the marketing team to create a suite of demonstration videos and product photography, including crisp cut outs for brochure and online.

Filmed and photographed in our studio by the in-house team, we were able to combine a well-planned shoot programme in a cost-effective setting to produce strong product images and functional instructional video.

Mendip Media has worked extensively in the manufacturing and construction sectors to produce visual material for the sector. We have a no-nonsense approach to communication briefs that range from aerial filming to map large locations like Bristol Port, to product demonstrations for scaffolding to health and safety animations to induct new workers.

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Food & Drink

The Bake Shed

The Bake Shed is a Welsh dessert producer catering for the hospitality sector. From Bad Ass Brownies to The Shed’s Shortcakes, the company makes artisan produce at scale.

Understanding the Bake Shed’s mission to create a new suite of photographs aimed at expanding its sales directly to consumers, Mendip Media has worked with our food stylist and photographer to come up with a dynamic new look to its imagery.

The whole day’s shoot was captured in a memorable backgrounder video.

Mendip Media works closely with food growers, farmers, food producers, artisan retailers and kitchenware providers to find a visual language that makes their product standout in catalogue and on screen.

With our own domestic sets and prep kitchen in a purpose-built food filming studio, we have an in-house team of photographers, videographers and stylists that have been producing food imagery for marketing and training, usually in multiple product shoots, for over a decade.

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